2016 AVS 63rd International Symposium & Exhibition

Left to right: Jaime Moya, Nalin Fernando, Jacqueline Cooke, Nuwanjula Samarasingha and Dr. Stefan Zollner


The Ellipsometry group at New Mexico State University is a research group led by the head of the Department of Physics, Dr. Stefan Zollner. We specialize in the characterization of the electronic and atomic structures of thin films and bulk materials.

By the use of a variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer and a cryostat attachment we are able to precisely study the temperature and strain dependence of a material’s dielectric function among other things. In addition, X-Ray diffraction and X-Ray reflectance measurements allows us to determine the film quality, thickness, relative orientation to the substrate, etc.

Our current interests consist of predominantly novel materials, oxides, metals, and classic semiconductors.

We are always looking to hire passionate able undergraduates, graduates, and interns. As part of our group, one is given the opportunity to take a more hands on approach to understanding the theory learned in class and tying it into a laboratory environment. 

If you would like to know more about our group or the physics department at New Mexico State University feel free to contact Dr. Zollner.